What is Stand Up, Dig in??

Stand Up, Dig In is a program of Nourish The Flathead.

Nourish the Flathead (NTF) is a locally based nonprofit founded by farmers, community organizers, business leaders & food system planners from around the Flathead Valley of northwest Montana. Nourish the Flathead’s mission is to create and ensure access to more Montana-grown food for Montanans; to reconnect Montanans to the sources of their food and to the people who produce it through education and outreach.  Our vision for a Montana’s Food System is to increase the number of people growing food and to increase the market and support for these farmers/gardeners by empowering individuals and institutions to actively participate in their food choices.  Stand Up , Dig In is the youth component of our program area and we are launching the program with a youth food summit at the end of April 2010.

What is a Youth Food Summit?

The Flathead Youth Food Summit (Stand Up. Dig In.) will be the first of its kind in our region – and will bring together 60 to 100 students and other youth leaders from across the Flathead Valley to share strategies, create action plans/local projects, and develop a youth network dedicated to providing nutritious and locally produced food for themselves and their communities – including families in need. The gathering will be open to all youth who are interested, as well as youth leaders and teachers from around the Flathead Valley.

In late winter/early spring of 2010 these students will gather at FVCC to engage in a two day summit focused on food system education & action plan development. Flathead Valley Community College has graciously offered to host this event.

Goals of the Youth Summit:

The Youth Food Summit (Stand Up.  Dig In.), will create an opportunity for Flathead Valley youth to come together to:

  • learn about the current food system
  • create and inspire local projects and activities that support access to healthy foods that truly nourish people, communities, and the earth
  • begin to develop leadership skills and organizational capacity to become agents of social change

Empowering youth to become involved in the expansion of community gardens, summer feeding programs, farmer’s markets and local food production will accomplish more than simply providing a summer activity to keep youth busy – it provides a hands-on and sustainable opportunity to inspire leadership and investment in their communities and in their future.


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